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How to Get Plumper Looking Lips

Glossed, lined and plump lips has its origins in Latinx and Black culture dating back to the 80s, long before TikTok was a thing. These communities pioneered the look, while celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Aaliyah amplified the trend further.

Its popularity is easy to understand – high shine and juicy, plump lips. This look complements virtually every makeup style, paired with graphic eyes, or combined with just a hint of blush, glossy lips have a way of highlighting natural beauty.

Knowing how to make lips look bigger and brighter comes down to a few key makeup products – lip liner, lip gloss and concealer. To promote naturally full lips and keep that perfect pout in place for the entire day, next generation lip formulas are enriched with nourishing skincare ingredients. See how to get plump lips in four steps below. 

Get the look with lip-boosting formulas 

As makeup trends from different eras continue to inform and inspire, modern formulas help to boost the look even further. For how to get bigger lips naturally, we recommend implementing hydrating and nourishing products into your lip care routine. Skincare ingredients infused in NYX formulas do the most to achieve plump lips: 

•    Squalane: A plant-derived and hydrating emollient, squalane nourishes the outer layer of skin and is non-comedogenic, so great for all skin types.

•    Jojoba oil: A wax ester which can mimic our skin’s natural oils (called sebum). By applying it topically, jojoba oil can condition and seal in moisture into skin. 

•    Vitamin E: A moisturising nutrient, vitamin E promotes skin moisture barrier strength. It’s also an antioxidant, which means that it can protect skin and sensitive areas like lips from external stressors (such as UV rays and pollution).


How to get plump lips 

Okay, onto the how-to. For those wondering how to make lips look bigger, the perfect pout-plumping routine can be achieved from home. Keep in mind here that we’re promoting and enhancing natural lip shape, so the outcome will be unique to you. Let’s dive in.


1.    Exfoliate & hydrate

Dehydrated and dry lips reflect less light. If yours feel tight and dry, they’ll likely look smaller than their actual size. Part of how to get bigger lips naturally is supportive skincare – and an easy solution to dry lips is exfoliation. This prepping step helps to surface fresh skin and clear away dead cells that contribute to flaky, rough textures. #THISISEVERYTHING Lip Scrub preps lips for a plumped and soft pout. Infused with jojoba oil, our nourishing lip scrub hydrates as it exfoliates. 

Once you’ve removed dead cells and revealed fresh-looking lips it’s important to upkeep hydration. Lip balms and oils can be used throughout the day to support optimal moisture levels. We recommend keeping a lip balm on hand daily and using a lip scrub weekly - or whenever lips feel flaky and rough.


2.    Apply concealer 

High-shine gloss helps to reflect light and increase the look of lip size. To help keep your gloss in place and make it shine as bright as possible, a couple of products can help. The first is concealer – which acts as a buffer between your natural oils, sweat and your gloss. Concealers are also an important step in how to get bigger lips. After concealing your natural lip line, you can place liner slightly above and below to create a seamless new lip shape. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer is our highly pigmented and long-wearing liquid contouring concealer. Blend this matte formula over moisturised lips.


3.    Over-line lips

Here’s where your artistry comes in. Using your liner, draw and define your lip line. Over-lining can help to make your lips look bigger, so draw just over the edge of your lips. Another tip: accentuating your Cupid’s bow will give you a naturally pouter and lifted look too.

You can choose different lip liner tones to alter the finished look. A liner slightly darker than your natural tone will help to define the Cupid’s bow and shape, whereas a shade matched to your lip colour will seamlessly accentuate plump lips. Our vegan, creamy-textured Line Loud Lip Pencil offers waterproof and long-stay colour to support your pout all day. Jojoba oil and vitamin E supports precise application and comfortable wear.

4.    Glaze with gloss

Now that lips are cleansed, hydrated, lined and enhanced, your finishing gloss is ready to be applied. Fat Oil Lip Drip  delivers plump lips in a high-shine and non-sticky formula. Enriched with squalane, raspberry and cloudberry oil, Lip Drip hydrates lips for up to 12 hours. The large sized applicator means you can achieve bigger looking lips in one swipe. To apply, glide the applicator over lips and build layers as you like to achieve your desired look. 


Loved this guide on how to get plump lips? Keep reading to discover how to achieve minimal, skin-like makeup  in a few simple steps.

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