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Meet Your Foundations: How to Choose the Right Foundation for You

Iconic makeup looks begin with flawless foundation. The canvas for your concealer, blush, bronzer and more, foundation needs to blend seamlessly with both skin texture and shade.

So, how to find the right foundation shade with so much variation out there? If this task overwhelms you, you’re not alone. A few considerations go into finding the right formula – but once you get it right, your makeup game will be forever elevated. 

To help pair you with your perfect match, we break down how to choose foundation for beginners and leave no stone unturned! Discover the NYX range of professional foundation and check out the right formula, coverage and shade for your skin tone and type.

How to find your foundation shade

For that seamlessly blended, ‘your skin but better’ look, NYX professional foundations are formulated with nourishing skincare ingredients and tailored to support different skin needs. As many of us know however, skin is not a fixed thing. Instead, our skin tone and texture both change throughout the seasons, with hormonal shifts or environmental and lifestyle changes.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to monitor your skin and change formulas at least a couple of times per year. To check your skin status throughout the seasons, use our virtual try-on tool. Browse, play, and discover your perfect foundation from home!

How to choose the right foundation   

Spent what feels like forever figuring out ‘what foundation is best for me’? There are three essential steps you can use to work as a guide. Your shade, skin type and the preferred level of coverage all influence which formula best blends with skin. Below, see how to find your foundation shade and coverage level for your skin, and how to slot your foundation into a makeup routine. With these three considerations in mind, you’ll be paired off with the foundation of your dreams before you know it.

Step 1: Find your foundation shade

There are actually two tones in skin – your skin tone and your undertone. If this is news to you, it may answer why your foundation shade hasn’t yet been a perfect match. Where your skin tone relates to the colour of your skin, your undertone relates to the hue within that colour – either warm, cool or neutral. These play a big part in how to choose foundation.

Skin which tends to appear olive toned or golden is warm. Pink or bluish hues signify a cool undertone, and a mixture of both means that you’re neutral. To identify yours, check the colour of the veins in your wrists. Blue appearing veins signify cold undertones, green means warm, and somewhere in between indicates neutral. 

When trying on foundation, your jawline will show the truest match, rather than your hand or wrist. Always trial in natural lighting to get the clearest understanding of how the product will appear on your skin when you’re out and about.

Step 2: Find your foundation coverage and formula

Just like you, skin types vary a lot. Your skin may typically be dry, oily, acne prone, sensitive or combination. Alongside your skin type, knowing how to choose the right foundation comes down to coverage level. Whether you’re after a natural glow that evens out tone or a full coverage, matte finish, NYX professional foundations can create the look you want. If you don’t know where to start, here’s an overview of our foundations and what to expect. And a feel-good FYI - they’re all vegan!

Full coverage

Our full-coverage formula, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation is non-comedogenic (meaning that it won’t clog pores) and is suitable for oily, sensitive and combination skin types. Designed to provide full coverage pigment in a lightweight formula, this comfy foundation won’t transfer, budge or bleed. Matte coverage controls shine all day.

Medium coverage

For those who like to build their coverage, Total Control Pro Drop Foundation is a medium level formula. Ideal for combination skin types, our medium level foundation provides a healthy and natural finish, whilst addressing and concealing the appearance of imperfections.

Light to medium coverage 

For a flawlessly evened complexion, our blurring foundation provides an enhanced and lightweight finish. Formulated with glycerin, niacinamide and matcha, this hydrating formula supports that lit-from-within glow. Available in 24 shades, opt for Bare With Me Tint Foundation for skin-like and sheer results.

Step 3: Pair with concealer and primer 

For best results, team up your tailored foundation formula with the right concealer and primer. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer gives lightweight medium coverage for areas like under eyes and as contour around the jawline, cheekbones and forehead. 

If natural, second-skin concealer is your jam, try the Bare With Me Concealer Serum. It provides radiance and the skincare benefits of tremella mushroom and cica – all while cancelling out imperfections and redness. Apply after foundation for seamless complexion perfection, and head to our Virtual Try On  tool to find your ideal shade match.

Before applying your foundation, primers are the essential first preparatory step. For best blending, your skin requires optimal hydration. Primers like Plump Right Back Primer + Serum also help to even skin texture for uniform foundation application.

Now that you know how to choose foundation, remember to do you, boo! Whatever makeup vibe you feel in the moment, we have a formula for. Play your heart out and have fun!

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