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Plump Finish Setting Spray

Vegan setting spray
Plump Finish Setting Spray

Plump Finish Setting Spray



Plump up your makeup routine with our super-powered plumping setting spray that instantly gives your skin an all-day plumping look and provides 24hr hydration. Yas queen not only does this formula easy to apply but the application feels cooling on the skin leaving the skin looking moisturizing all day.



Drench your skin in electrolytes and vitamins! Use after applying makeup. Hold six to eight inches away from face and mist over entire face.


Super-powered setting spray is lightweight on the skin and provides up to 24 hr makeup extension, 24hr hydration, and did we tell you it's Vegan too?!

Full ingredient list


How To: Rock the electrolyte infused routine

  1. Apply 5-cent size squeeze onto palm of hand
  2. Press plumping primer into skin
  3. Mist setting spray to hydrate, refresh + set plump skin
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