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Primer 101

With NYX Professional Makeup


Skipping one of the most important steps in your makeup routine? The new year is bringing new routines, and honey, we are here to set the record straight! Using the right primer sets the tone for your entire look. It holds everything together, just as any good primer should. We’re here to guide you so you can shine as good as you prime.

Why you should always have a primer handy:

  • Smooths out pores
  • Enhances facial features
  • Allows makeups to stay on longer (and better)
  • Prevents oiliness and excessive shine
  • Corrects discoloration before your foundation even comes along!

Each primer can be tailored to your needs!

What is makeup primer used for? You deserve products tailored to you and your unique skin type like the star you are. We get it. It can be difficult to navigate which primer is best for you, let alone even figure out what skin type you have… BUT we are here to take a load off and answer your questions. These primers are bringing their A game to every skin concern.


This 10-in-1 primer is as sweet as it sounds! It’s made with marshmallow root extract for the softest looking skin. It comes with 10 luxurious benefits like extending your makeup wear for 16 hours, blurring imperfections so that you always look like you are in prime lighting and minimizes texture. This 100% vegan primer—that’s right—is perfect for all skin types.



This NYX Professional Makeup primer will make you think you’ve seen the light and met your maker! Infused with papaya extract, this primer keeps your makeup on for up to 17 hours and keeps you looking radiant and bright throughout the day. It’s perfect for dull-looking skin that needs a boost. This is the best primer for dry skin.

Shine Killer Primer Reno

She’s back, and she’s got a vendetta against excessive oiliness! She fights shine—the kind we don’t want—by helping skin appear matte and natural. She’s the best primer for oily skin.

Pore Filler Primer

Fill her up and see those pores disappear! This is the number one primer for improving the appearance of your skin’s texture. She’s also vegan and will leave your skin feeling extra soft.
Lights, camera and Pore Filler! Take this primer on set to give shaved and bald heads a natural, non-shiny finish.


Stoked about a new goodie you get to add to your makeup routine? Tag us @nyxcosmetics_australia to show off your perfectly primed face!


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